High Quality Leisure Gear with a BBoy State of Mind

The Essence of Menno Leisure

As a kid, breaking helped me discover my creative side; the community exposed me to fashion and art, and traveling the world got me into photography.

My mind is always in a creating process; It’s almost an addiction to visualizing movement, designs and other creative ideas. 

Ever since I was a teenager, I didn’t know what I wanted to do except breaking and I never really had a plan of how to live my life; I was just living in the moment. Meanwhile, dedicating myself to the things I was most passionate about led the way to opportunities I never thought possible and a life that I never could have dreamt of.

My brand Menno Leisure is a ready-to-wear, active lifestyle brand, for daily use. Like breaking, it’s always on the move and finding ways to improve. 

After winning the World Championships three times, I believe anything is possible. My goal is to represent the breaking community and their looks in street fashion.

Breaking is quickly growing and I’m certain it will also be part of the Olympics 2024 – a competition which I have every intention of being a part of and may very well be my last. Until then, I’ll be training like an animal and living the full athlete lifestyle, as always. 

I believe that my successes in breaking are what pushes my brand to the next level – this doubles my motivation.

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