High Quality Leisure Gear with a BBoy State of Mind

To which countries do you send the Menno Leisure items?

– We deliver worldwide.

What are the shipping costs?

– The shipping cost may vary per destination starting at 9.00.

What size tracksuit do I need?

– Consult the size chart and keep in mind that the tracksuit is a regular fit, not loose and not tight. Depending on the style you want to rock you can choose. For example, Menno should wear an S according to the size chart but he likes the tracksuit a little bit loose so he wears M instead. If he want it even more baggy he could ware L. He is 5’8 ft or 173 cm and weights 160 lbs or 73 kilo.

How does my MennoTracksuit keep on looking fly?

– For all clothing applies: the more you wash them, the sooner they wear out. But off course you want to stay fresh so stick to the washing instructions; also wash the tracksuit inside out to protect the fabric.

Can I buy Menno Leisure in a shop?

– No, for the moment Menno Leisure products are only for sale online; in the future they can be bought in several exclusive shops around the world.

The price is in Euros; can I see it in other currencies?

– You can only pay in Euros. For the value in other currencies, please consult http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ or any other money exchange site.

When can I expect an answer to my message?

– We aspire to answer your question within a day.

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